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  • Deciding to work with a virtual assistant was one of the best things I've done for myself and my business. My V.A. is efficient, smart, funny and has a great deal of marketing savvy. She has suggested ways to grow my business that I had never thought of. She's assisted me in handling order processing, database management, sales and internet marketing as well as many other details that make up my business. She's been a great partner for my one-person operation. I wish I had known about AssistU trained virtual assistants years ago.

    — Lynn Robinson ( is an intuitive coach, seminar leader, and author of "Real Prosperity: Using the Power of Intuition to Create Financial and Spiritual Abundance"

How do I find a Virtual Assistant?

Regardless of whether you own a small or home-based business, or work on your own — maybe as a branch office away from the corporate headquarters, there's a lot to be done to keep things moving smoothly.

As you grow or expand, sooner or later, it's going to occur to you that you're spending too much time running the business, to run the business. In other words, you'll find you're so caught up in the day-to-day stuff, that you can't find the time or energy to focus on the things that really need your attention, or you spend so much time doing what you should be doing (serving your customers, making sales, and the like) that all the back-end work isn't getting done.

By the time you've gotten there, you needed help ages ago.

If you stop and consider that for a second, you'll probably recognize that it's true for you. You're probably so bogged down right now that you can't think straight. You know there has to be a way to manage everything, but you know you can't be the one to do it. And you're tired. So tired.

We can help if you'll let us. We've been helping people like you for more than 15 years.

So take a second and imagine that there's really a good way for you to get all the work done without doing it all yourself.

Imagine that there's a person whose passion in her own business is to climb into your business-learning you, your work, and your life.

Imagine that she gets to know you so well that she can help you accomplish just about anything, either by doing it herself, or arranging for it to be done.

Can you imagine how freed up you'd feel to be so taken care of?

What would having such a person in your life be worth to you? Really think about that for a second. If you're like most people, the value is hard to calculate, but chances are the answer would be "Priceless."

And what would you think if you were told that the people who do this kind of work can help you without ever needing to step foot inside your office or meeting you, face to face. That they can work remotely as efficiently and effectively as someone could sitting ten feet away from you.

And how would it feel to know that when faced with work she can't do (no one can do it all!), she'll come at it with a can-do attitude and figure out the best way for it to get done, using her trusted resources and network of other VAs who will happily share their trusted resources with her, too?

More priceless? We think so… and trust us, we're poster children for working with VAs. No one on the planet has been running a company virtually with the help of talented VAs longer than our founder, Anastacia Brice.

So we're here to tell you, it's all true. It's all possible. And it's happening for people like you all around the world, every single day.

Here at AssistU, we train already highly skilled administrative assistants to work virtually. That's one of our passions.

Another is connecting you to them so that you can experience the freedom we just spoke about. We want to make it easy for you to find one to work with, and you'll be able to do that here, with a referral through The Registry.

Here at AssistU, we're changing lives through changing work. And we can support you through that change as well.

Give it a shot… you have nothing to lose except the weight you've been carrying all alone!

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