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  • Recently, I used your registry for the first time looking for a Virtual Assistant. I feel compelled to tell you that each and every response I had from your registered VAs were of the utmost professional manners and ethics. I knew immediately I was dealing with experts in their fields totally committed to their calling and those of their clients. What a great reflection on you, AssistU, and the industry as a whole. Congratulations and "thank you" for providing such valuable service. I'll be sure to tell others!

    ~ Ali R. Rodriguez (,
    Business Coach and Consultant

The Registry - Registry Gold

Anastacia Brice headshot photograph Hi, there!

Thank you for wanting to work with me. I'm so passionate about people finding fabulous VAs to help them in their businesses, and I know so many of them don't have the time to do the process the way it should be done, so I decided I could help with it... I mean, who can't if I can't? :) I'm excited about our working together! Let's get started!

Here's how it works:

First, be sure that working with an AssistU Virtual Assistant is what you want. With all the buzz in the world about outsourcing, knowing that matters a great deal. AssistU VAs don't do projects or piecework. They're not interested in one-off assignments, or helping you this month--but then not again for months. They won't do trial or test assignments. They're not the low-cost providers in the world of outsourcing, but the high-quality ones. They bill in the $30 to $100+ per hour range (the $50-ish range is where most of them are--be prepared for that), and they only work in long-term and collaborative relationships with their clients, because they know that's where they can create the kind of value that brought you here to seek them out.

Those, of course, are just the sound bites. If you want to know more (and really, to do your due diligence, we suggest you take the time to learn more), the FAQ is here and the list on this page has important information, too.

Still with me? Great! Here are the next steps to working with me:

  1. Go here and pay for the Registry Gold. The cost is $750 (you get so much value for this--details are below!)

  2. Once I receive your payment, I'll be in touch with you to start the process. It's that easy to get the ball rolling!

I realize that all you may need to know is that I'm going to take you through a proven process to a good end result. I also realize some of you may want to know more specifically what we'll be doing.

The process

  1. Initially, we'll spend about an hour together on the phone. We'll go over a lot--all geared to help me understand your business, your personality, what you need, what you want, and I'll be collecting information all along the way.

  2. I'll complete our referral request so that it gives the VAs from our database the information about you that they need to decide for themselves if they think you could be an ideal client. This is something you would have done on your own if you don't work with me, and this is one of the places that most people really do themselves no favors in the process.

  3. I'll submit the referral request to our database. Responses from interested VAs will come to me, and I'll do an initial vetting for you--based on the conversation you and I have had. I'm deeply intuitive, and combine that with what you've told me to create a short list of VAs I think you should consider.

  4. I'll present that list to you, along with my suggestions for who to talk with. I'll then arrange calls with each VA and you. I'll also be on these initial calls, and we three will talk about anything other than business. That may seem odd, but it's an integral part of the process. If you can't spend 15 minutes having a conversation with someone, you won't want to work with her, long term.

  5. Following those short calls, the VAs and you let me know if you'd like to talk further. If you do, that's arranged. Those calls are longer, and all about business. This would be more of a traditional consultation process with each VA you want to talk with.

  6. From the time you move into that phase of things, I'm no longer on the phone with you. Instead, I'm like the angel on your shoulder, available to answer any questions you have, and to be a sounding board for you as you think through your options. Should you decide that the people on the short list aren't ideal for you, we'll look at others who may have replied, but generally, I find, that the ideal VA is on that short list.

My goal?

My goal is to make sure that you slow down, do this right, are smart in the search process, and walk away with the absolutely best possible outcome.

Not a matching service

I want to be careful to say that this is not a matching service. I cannot guarantee that you'll find someone who is ideal for you--despite our having hundreds of fabulous VAs in our database. I can't even guarantee, before talking with you, that what you need is a VA. And it might happen that you go through this process, choose to work with a VA, and for some reason, it doesn't work out for you. None of that can I control. And so, this product and process you're buying entitles you to what's stated above...for one go-round. If you need more help, or more guidance and coaching, we can do that--for an additional fee. And I'll be happy to discuss that should you need it. For now, you may just want to get started.

My promise

I promise you my time, attention, knowledge, and intuition--all of which is more than considerable, and that you will walk away in a new relationship with a VA, or with a solid plan for another direction in which to head. I can promise that your time will be well spent by doing this with me. And if you can honestly say that I didn't deliver those things--I'll refund your money. I want this to be as risk-free as possible for you.

Also, I'm sure you know that timing is everything. Start to finish, the process should take about two weeks. I commit to a max of four weeks in case you're sick, or traveling, or something other causes a delay. Should your life or work cause additional delays, there will be additional fees involved in picking up the process and continuing. What those are would be discussed at the time.

So, if you're ready, and you didn't sign up for Registry Gold when I mentioned it a few minutes ago, go for it now. All you have to lose is your own wasted time and inefficiency in poking around and looking for help by yourself!

And if you'd absolutely rather try this on your own, click the "I'll do it myself" button below to get started on that path. You'll find that at any point along the way you can opt to stop doing it yourself and get my help if you need it.

Still on the fence? Not sure that working with me, or an AssistU VA is what you want to pursue? Consider what these clients have to say:

"Anastacia - of all the wonderful advice I’ve received from Cheryl Richardson over the years, the best tip ever...was to contact you when I was ready to hire a virtual assistant. You made the process fun, informative and enlightening. You helped me understand exactly what I needed and then streamlined the process for finding the perfect assistant. I continue to confidently refer you and your Registry Gold program to anyone looking to make a perfect ‘virtual assistant’ match. Thank you for your remarkable service and outstanding results."

-- Leslie Zann

"I worked with Anastacia Brice using the Registry Gold process to help find the right VA for me and my business. I had previously submitted a request directly to the AssistU Registry myself and didn’t get the results I’d hoped for. But this time was such a different experience. Anastacia was delightful to work with, taking what could have been a daunting task and making it easy. She asked the right questions and dug deep, taking the time to thoroughly discover what my needs were, even uncovering some that I wouldn’t have thought of. Anastacia was very grounded in her process, and while there were steps we took together that on first blush seemed unnecessary to me, the results were amazing. The fit with my new VA is perfect. I wish I would have used Registry Gold the first time around!"

-- Karen McCall, Founder
Financial Recovery Institute

"I hired my VA! Anastacia was great and her help was priceless."

-- Marise Cipriani, Founder and Managing Partner, Granby Ranch

"The process was comprehensive and efficient. Anastacia did a good job up front of really understanding my needs and directing the process. Following her steps, we identified four capable candidates and narrowed that down to two finalists, both of whom were a great fit."

-- David Kochanek
Online Publisher

"I was extremely happy with the way the Registry Gold process worked for me. Anastacia took care of everything. Not only did I get the benefit of her doing the work of placing the ad and screening candidates, I also benefited from her insight and experience. Given the commitment I will make to having a VA, this was well worth it to get it right. The result was that I had multiple excellent VA candidates to choose from - any one of which I would have hired. I highly recommend this route!"

-- Joe Callanan
Osprey Advisors

"Anastacia...I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in finding me the world’s best VA! I was blown away by the incredible caliber of all the applicants – they are all SO accomplished and highly trained. AssistU is definitely the Yale of virtual assistant education. The Registry Gold service is great – your indepth knowledge and personal experience about working with each applicant is worth its weight in Gold! Many thanks"

-- Julie Guest
Marketing Consultant, Copywriter & Coach

"Living in Australia, I was hesitant about using a VA from a different country. I wasn't sure how it would work or if it was safe.

I decided to go with AssistU because they had a strong work ethic and strict guidelines for their VA's.

Anastacia took care of the whole process for me and I immediately felt secure and confident with the whole process. Her professional approach and reassuring manner helped me to relax instantly. I was blown away by the quality and expertise of the applicants and with Anastasia's guidance and advice

I found Monique. Working with Monique is a Godsend and I am so grateful to have a partner in my business that wants me to succeed as much as I do. Skype is so easy and communication is not even an issue. She works while I sleep and when I get up everything is completed, it's brilliant.

I cannot recommend AssistU and Anastacia's Registry Gold process enough!

-- Karina Stephens
Director, Enrich Management Group

"I heard about AssistU from the successful women entrepreneurs I study with, including Ali Brown and Fabienne Fredrickson, and felt with their strong endorsement and double thumbs up, that when I was ready to hire my first VA, this was the route I would go. I am so deeply grateful that I went with my intuition and did the Registry Gold Program, instead of winging it by myself. Launching a business the 'right way' can already be overwhelming and stressful at times, and with Anastacia guiding me through the process, there was ease and excitement during a time that could have added to this intense time. Without hesitation, I would recommend AssistU, the Registry Gold Program, and Anastacia for the entrepreneur who is serious about building the business of their dreams, with the help of a virtual assistant!"

-- Bethanne Wanamaker

"If me marrying a woman were legally allowed, I would marry Anastacia because she changed my life. She created the absolutely unparalleled AssistU, a finishing school for virtual assistants and place for anybody to go who would ever want a VA. Anastacia knows everybody who is anybody in the VA world and in between being featured in Tim Ferriss' international Blockbuster, and Inc magazine, she helps me fix my life. Go to AssistU if you need a VA. Either because you want to search among the best of the best or you can't afford to get it wrong and you want Anastacia to personally find you VA perfection."

"Thank you, Anastacia, for pioneering a whole new service and training organization that changed the landscape of entrepreneurship as we know it. My business (and my life) has been forever transformed by the outstanding support of my AssistU Virtual Assistant."

-- Cheryl Richardson
New York Times bestselling author of:
Take Time for Your Life and Life Makeovers

Within 30 days of starting to work with my VA, any trust issues that I might have anticipated were wiped away by her competence and integrity. I'm a man with many irons in the fire. I have the classic entrepreneurial spirit. I'm on the move a great deal. My VA takes care of everything I need, both professional and personal. We've worked together for more than three years, and have added other AssistU trained VAs as my needs have grown. I have never had a moment's concern about their ethics or business practices. They are smart, savvy, quick, and have made themselves invaluable to me. I truly believe that they are the best VAs in the world!

--David Goldsmith, COO, The Goldsmith Group

Through Assist-U, I found my virtual assistant immediately, and we've been working together for six years now. I'm so happy with the relationship that I've never had to come back. But if I did, I know where I'd come look.
--Po Bronson
New York Times Bestselling Author of:
What Should I Do With My Life?

Shane has been the VA for my companies for many years now and I cannot say enough good things about the level of service. Shane has been an absolute god-send -- almost like a clone of myself, but with expertise in areas where I'm lacking. The place where her service really shines is in the area of creating a presence in the virtual community. A VA can really open the doors in areas I had never even considered.

--Bernice Ross,
Co-owner of and

The first week I hired my AssistU VA I felt an enormous relief. I had been putting off everything from finding a local physician to getting my books in order, and she jumped right on it all. Liz and I have been working together for many years and she has helped me to grow my business into a money making machine! Since hiring her for support, I've been able to focus on generating more leads, creating more products and programs, and selling more -- to the tune of QUADRUPLING my income! (Yes, really.) I don't know what I'd do without her now! Hiring an AssistU VA is one of the best moves you will EVER make.

I would say that I have probably referred AssistU to at least five people on the basis of the excellent experience I have had working with Anne. I feel that our relationship is a true partnership. With her help, I have significantly decreased client complaints about lack of follow-through and responsiveness and increased the time that I can either bill out or spend doing the higher-value added research and writing on which my career depends.

-- Rita Gunther McGrath
Associate Professor, Columbia Business School

If you're looking for a well-trained and truly gifted Virtual Assistant, be sure to get a referral from AssistU! I'm deeply impressed with the level of training, professionalism and experience.

In a conversation I had with Anastacia Brice, President of AssistU, she told me, "It's not about what your VA can do, but it's about what she can get done!" What's getting done for me and my company is truly impressive!

-- SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)
author of countless works of wonder, including:
Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper, Prosperity Pie, and Succulent Wild Women

I hope their words helped in some way!

I sure know that moving forward down either path is a smart move for the busy person who needs the kind of support that every person needs to be successful on his or her own. Whatever you choose, whether to do it yourself, or work with me, I wish you only the best of success!


Anastacia sig graphic

Anastacia Brice, Founder and CVO

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