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  • Life starts when you make the authentic choice to be fully alive for the rest of it.


AssistU Graduates
AssistU Graduate When you see the icon (left) on a VA's web site, this means that the VA displaying it should be an AssistU Graduate and is an active member of the AssistU professional community. Only those people are eligible to use this icon.

The names of the VAs eligible to display this icon can be found below.

If a VA professes to have graduated from AssistU but is not on this list, he or she may be an AssistU Graduate, but is no longer a member of our professional community and bound by our ethical standards.

Michele Attaway
Sunny Bain
Diotima Booraem
Petra Boucher
Norma Bowers
Karen Brockman
Mindy Bowman
Gayle Bu
Cynthia Bullock
Elizabeth Cirone
Karen Cleveland
Sara Clime
Monique Cunningham
Danita Currie
Diane D'Agostino Smith
Julie Davis
Nicole Denison
Pat Denzer
Ginger Derrickson
Lisa DeYoung
Ava Edlin
Lisa Englert
Diane Fadden
Allison Guilfoyle
Patricia Gundling
Lisa Hanna
Cindy Henexson
Marianne Hinojosa
Heather Hinson
Mika Howard
Lisa Jacobson
Jill Jensen
Kelly Johnson
Gina Jones
Marilyn Keenan
Emily Koenig
Robin Kramer
Dona Krebs
Andrea Lanuza
Lynne Leslie
Gloria Luzier
MaryJo McCann
Linda Melcher
Michelle Micheals
Diane Modric
Alicia Moore
Lorri Morin
Kelly Morrison
Liz Murphy
Lynn Nagora
Mariko Nakaya
Sarah Neumann
Larissa Parks
Nicole Paull
Jacqueline Petro
Robin Pine
Terri Piper
Rebekah Quintana
Ellen Raidl
Kathleen Redick
Cathy Ritter
Pam Ryan
Sharon Sarmiento
Kristy Schnabel
Judy Segawa
Kerry Smith
Diana Soloman
Susan Sullivan
Robyn Talbott
Beatrice Ten-Thye
Bonnie Thielke
Tonya Thomas
Jennifer Tingle
Jessica Van
Erin Wentworth
Sandy Wiles
Janet Zaborowski
Gillian Zali

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