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AssistU VA Spotlight

AssistU is proud to put Maria Novey in the spotlight!

Hi, Everyone!

I am Maria Novey and currently I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  However, in June, the Novey Family is pulling up stakes and moving to the eastern part of the state, Bucks County, Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia.  I love being a VA, especially an AssistU VA, and I want to share my story with you!

Born and raised in Weirton, West Virginia (a small steel town about 40 miles from Pittsburgh), I attended business school in Pittsburgh and landed my first secretarial job at the University of Pittsburgh when I was 18 years old.  I absolutely fell in love with the University environment and over the next 26 years, I held various secretarial and administrative positions, such as Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Executive Assistant to the Chancellor.  In 1994, I made a move to the athletic department and became the Director of Men's and Women's Basketball Operations, in addition to performing as the administrative assistant to the Men's Head Basketball Coach.   I coordinated all administrative functions related to the business of a Division I basketball program —  team travel, scheduling, academics are just a few and trust me, there is more that goes on behind the scenes than you could ever imagine!  Keeping track of 15 basketball players and 4 coaches is no easy task!

Well, as they say, nothing is forever!  In 1999, after an administrative change, I was called in and told that my services were no longer needed and I was replaced by two men (kinda of a compliment, huh?)   The only professional world which I had known my entire life was gone and I didn't have a clue how to put my life back together!

AssistU to the rescue!!  I found AssistU purely by accident but I do believe fate had a lot to do with it!  I began the training program Spring of 2000 and received my certification in September of that same year.  Since then, I have been full speed ahead in developing my practice  however, growing at a slow pace which has been a good choice for me.

Currently, I have five clients two financial planners, two physicians (husband and wife), an educational consultant company , (providing tutoring services throughout Pennsylvania and Florida) and another educational company in the United Kingdom that offers various home study courses in gardening, interior design, copywriting, health and life coaching.     My practice, Elite Virtual Assistance affords me the ability to do what I do best, for people who appreciate me, not only for what I do for them, but most importantly, for the person that I am.

Through this entire ordeal, my family has been there every step of the way. My Dad, who has seen his daughter on top and at rock bottom and who saw firsthand what a fighter and a survivor he raised, is so proud to say "my daughter owns her own business."   My husband, John, who is in the sales industry, is absolutely amazed at the entire Virtual Assistance industry. I have two children — Michael, age 13, who since he was in the 4th grade wants to attend Duke University and play basketball for the Blue Devils and Carolyn, age 7, loves the Temptations and the Beatles !  Have I got her on the right track or what?  No rap music in this house!!  They both are so proud of their Mom and glad to have her at the busstop each and every day! And my little Yorkshire Terrier, Sophie, who came into our family when I was in my VA training.  Sophie knows when it is time for me to get off of the computer and take a walk she is the best little companion!

Coming from a sports-minded family, the Noveys, and my Dad, spend a lot of time at sporting events especially basketball games; however, you can't live in Pittsburgh and not be a Steeler fan!  We attend college and high school games, working around Michael's basketball schedule, and of course, Carolyn loves to watch the cheerleaders!  I also enjoy old movies, knitting, gardening (when time permits) and collecting cookbooks.

We are all looking forward to a fresh start in a beautiful part of the state of Pennsylvania my Dad is moving with us so changing that license plate from West Virginia to Pennsylvania is going to be a big step!  If it weren't for my family and friends, my clients and my relationships within the AssistU community, I don't know where I would be today!

I am so grateful to Anastacia for what she and the AssistU community have done to help me put my life back on track in a way I could never have imagined!

For more information about Maria Novey, please visit her website at

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