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AssistU VA Spotlight

AssistU is proud to put Beatrice Ten-Thye in the spotlight!

Beatrice Ten-Thye

It's so nice to "meet" you. I have been a proud member of the AssistU community since 2009. I grew up in Germany and, for the past three decades, have lived close to Toronto, Ontario on beautiful Lake Ontario. My husband was born and raised in The Netherlands; we feel we are somewhat "International."

I have worked in the corporate administrative world for 25+ years; with a few "excursions" of course, such as selling real estate, or organizing the local hospital's largest yearly fundraiser Gala. Interestingly, I always returned to administrative positions - it was what I knew best.

Some years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of supporting business owners virtually. I never forget her words: she didn't quite understand, nor could she describe what her niece exactly did, but she knew that she worked from home and enjoyed the flexibility that I was looking for while making money supporting her clients. An interesting concept indeed! I was intrigued.

Betty introduced me to her niece, an AssistU-trained VA and I knew I had found the way to achieve my goals: flexibility, independence, be appreciated and respected; all that spiced with having a choice in who to work with and make money. What I had missed in the corporate world now lay at my fingertips and I delved right into becoming an AssistU-trained VA.

After my graduation from the 20-week VTP (Virtual Training Program), I hung out my shingle in the summer of 2010 and started SMART Virtual Assistance. I was so excited and started working with two clients almost immediately, one of whom is an awesome client to this day.

I am a people lover and make contacts easily. I love supporting others, whether it's in their private life, or in business. In my business, I typically support coaches, although not exclusively. I so love the long-term and collaborative client relationships that we create, the mutual trust and respect, the being on the same level and not in an employer/employee relationship. This is what makes my heart sing.

When I travel, I find myself working from a friend's home or the coffee shop; when I need inspiration, I might take my computer down to the lake and work there - the work gets done!

"The World is my Oyster," don't you think?

For more information about Beatrice Ten-Thye, please visit her website at

And, check out Beatrice's conversation with AssistU Founder, Anastacia Brice, in our Interview With a VA Series, to learn more about her!

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