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AssistU VA Spotlight

AssistU is proud to put Amy Kazor in the spotlight!

Amy Kazor Hi! My name is Amy Kazor, and my husband Chris and I live in the mitten: Michigan. If you hold up your left hand, I live close to where the inside of your thumb bends in at the base of your hand, about 30 miles west of where Detroit kisses Windsor, Ontario.

I haven't always lived here. I am an army brat, I've lived in Georgia, Texas, Kentucky Illinois, and Michigan. I lived in Illinois the longest, for a total of 32 years. Chris and I were married here in Michigan in 2007 and we moved to our current spot in 2012. We just love Northville, and we are currently looking for our "forever" home here.

I guess I used to be a serial entrepreneur. This is my fourth business. In 1990, my mom and I put a business plan I wrote for by Business Management course at IADT into play and opened a bridal shop in the Chicagoland area. That business is still going strong as of this writing. During my years there I also opened a side business designing and manufacturing bridal headpieces, veils, and gowns that sold through the store. In 2001, very burned-out from retail hours and the emotional pressure from working with brides, I wanted something new. Having entertained and cooked for others for years, I looked into the relatively new personal chef field. I studied and earned my certification as a personal chef from the American Personal and Private Chef Association. I launched a business that remained open for one year before I voluntarily closed it to get a corporate job.

That corporate job was a welcome 9-5 Monday - Friday but allowed me to take an entrepreneurial approach to my work. I was soon running my department and building a service back office to the sales organization I worked for. My office skills and virtual world exploded. I learned how much more I had to offer when I combined those hard computer skills with my love of creating meaningful experiences for people.

Wanting to do more of that, I launched my practice in January 2008. I worked part-time from home while working that corporate day-job. I had no idea what I was doing was called virtual assistance, I just had people asking me for help. In early 2010, while I was trying to determine whether or not I could quit that J-O-B for my business, I learned about the virtual assistance industry and found AssistU. The AssistU Virtual Training Program had just what I was looking for to attempt to put a firm foundation beneath my business.

I enrolled at AssistU in October 2010 and have been working as a full time Virtual Assistant ever since. I originally started as a niche VA in the wedding industry because I had a unique background in that area. Through a couple of amazing internships in the AssistU program, I learned that content was my thing. While I consider myself a generalist VA, I love helping entrepreneurs manage their large volumes of content, plan products and events, and increase their visibility out on the web.

I gained so much from the internships I participated in that I am committed to creating those experiences for other VAs. I am actively mentoring new graduates from the AssistU program, and am also an AssistU mentor and work with students as they complete their own virtual training. I grow each time I lead and I am grateful to have the opportunity to spread my wings while I help others do the same.

I love that I can travel and work, and I take off a few times a year to work while visiting family. My two nieces are my favorite little people to visit. I enjoy traveling, especially to anyplace on a large body of water; I'm a foodie and love red wine. My favorite spots to indulge are Table 5, Matter of Taste, and Big Rock. I am usually alongside my dog, a 75 pound English Cream Retriever named Finlay. He sleeps in my office while I work and generally runs me around the yard as soon as possible thereafter.

For more information about Amy Kazor, please visit her website at

And, check out Amy's conversation with AssistU Founder, Anastacia Brice, in our Interview With a VA Series, to learn more about her!

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