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AssistU VA Spotlight

AssistU is proud to put Linda Melcher in the spotlight!

My name is Linda Melcher. I was born to be a Virtual Assistant. It took me a long time to figure that out, but I have arrived at my destination, my professional "home."

I began my journey into the world of Virtual Assistance in April 2007. I had never heard of virtual assistance as a profession. I was looking for a way to use my experience and skills in a positive, meaningful way, but I wanted to work from home. While researching that idea, I found a Virtual Assistant. I called her, and I knew immediately I wanted to be her. We spoke three times, and I started my business, i-Assist.

Even though I started i-Assist after speaking with a VA, I knew I needed more information, so I did some more research and found AssistU. I read every word about becoming an AssistU VA. I applied to AssistU in June 2007 and enrolled in the August VTP. The training I received at AssistU has given me a great foundation for my business. Through AssistU I came to understand that virtual assistance is not limited to piece work and projects well done. I learned that the best VAs get to KNOW their clients and their businesses. Good VAs not only do tasks assigned; they contribute in all sorts of ways to bring success to their clients. The essence of a successful virtual assistant-client team is the relationship, an ongoing, collaborative relationship built with the goal of achieving success.

I have recently graduated from AssistU. The skills I already had when I started the journey have been greatly enhanced by the life-changing concepts presented to me at AssistU. The clients I have worked with this past year have seen my confidence grow as I progressed through the training. They have seen me step out and take a more pro-active roll in their success, instead of waiting for assignments.

As an AssistU-trained VA, it is my goal to provide the best services possible to my clients. My clients are successful business owners themselves. The people I work with want to focus their efforts on the things they do best to help their business grow. I can help by getting to know them, and by handling the tasks which get in the way of their real work. The relationship is the key to this service and to the success of my clients. The more I know about my clients and their business, the more I am able to provide the support they need.

Personally, I am a wife and mother, and grandmother. My children live out of state, and what better vocation to have than one which will allow me to travel and still do my work. I am active in my church, and sing with my church worship team. I like to sew, crochet, hug babies and have coffee with my friends. I have two cats, who now rule the roost, since the kids have left the nest.

For more information about Linda Melcher, please visit her website at

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