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Clients of AssistU Trained VAs Are Saying...

As important as what the VAs have to say about how we've contributed to their successes is what the clients have to say about their AssistU trained VAs. After all, the true measure of a VAs ability to effectively use the training received at AssistU is the successes he/she supports clients in achieving; gratitude is a mirror of success from the client to the VA—what one achieves, so does the other!

Nearly four years after I began working with my AssistU trained VA, I find myself wondering how I ever managed without her in my life. She is my champion and my absolute partner for success. Finding her was like finding the most perfect diamond. As a successful author and speaker, having someone who represents me almost as well as I represent myself isn't a luxury, but a necessity. I couldn't do what I do, professionally, without her graciously competent support.

Cheryl Richardson,
New York Times Bestselling
author of Take Time For Your Life
and Life Makeovers

I was excited by the idea of Virtual Assistance, but I've found it to be remarkably even more than I'd imagined. I don't really know how this works (I feel astounded that it does, but it does!).

All of the info that comes to me from my VA makes my personal and professional life so much easier.

Previously, working with assistants had required so much management on my part that it felt like another job. Working with Anne is nearly effortless.

I've gotten progress reports from her that have made me cry with their total attention to detail, and the care that she's taken, and the actual progress that's been made.

Initially, I felt some trepidation about the hourly rate — what was I thinking?!? It really is a profound example of scarcity thinking at it's best. The system of billing is elegant, and very fair. Twice the amount of work is getting done in half the time! (AssistU said this would happen, but i didn't really believe it!)

Anne has made my life easier and better, and she's *saved* me so much money. From the phone plan, to the cell-phone plan, to the advice on software, recommdations about cost effectiveness, and finding and using less expensive resources — let me just say that I was thrilled to write the check paying Anne at the end of the month!

I have to be a little bit careful about bragging about my VA — it's making my friends jealous!!

If you're looking for a well-trained and truly gifted Virtual Assistant, be sure to get a referral from AssistU! I'm deeply impressed with the level of training, professionalism and experience.

In a conversation I had with Anastacia Brice, President of AssistU, she told me, "It's not about what your VA can do, but it's about what she can get done!" What's getting done for me and my company is truly impressive!

— SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)
author of Eat Mangoes Naked: Finding Pleasure
Everywhere and Dancing With the Pits

Through Assist-U, I found my virtual assistant immediately, and we've been working together for six years now. I'm so happy with the relationship that I've never had to come back. But if I did, I know where I'd come look.

Po Bronson
Author of the NY Times #1 Best Seller
What Should I Do With My Life?

The first week I hired my AssistU VA I felt an enormous relief. I had been putting off everything from finding a local physician to getting my books in order, and she jumped right on it all. Liz and I have been working together now for over 7 years and she has helped me to grow my business into a money making machine! Since hiring her for support, I've been able to focus on generating more leads, creating more products and programs, and selling more -- to the tune of QUALDRUPLING my income! (Yes, really.) I don't know what I'd do without her now! Hiring an AssistU VA is one of the best moves you will EVER make.

— Alexandria Brown, "The Ezine Queen"

Recently, I used your registry for the first time looking for a Virtual Assistant. I feel compelled to tell you that each and every response I had from your registered VAs were of the utmost professional manners and ethics. I knew immediately I was dealing with experts in their fields totally committed to their calling and those of their clients. What a great reflection on you, AssistU, and the industry as a whole. Congratulations and "thank you" for providing such valuable service. I'll be sure to tell others!

— Ali R. Rodriguez (
Business Coach and Consultant

The registry request form I filled out was extremely thorough and guided me in being very specific about the kind of VA I wanted: the personal qualities, work style, skill set, computer software knowledge, etc. This was a thought-provoking process that should be the model for any kind of similar search (dating services should take a lesson from the AssistU Registry)!

Beth Rosenthal, MPH, MBA, PhD
Author, High Vibe Guide
Founder and Director of Healing Centers United

Within 30 days of starting to work with my VA, any trust issues that I might have anticipated were wiped away by her competence and integrity. I'm a man with many irons in the fire. I have the classic entrepreneurial spirit. I'm on the move a great deal. My VA takes care of everything I need, both professional and personal. We've worked together for more than three years, and have added other AssistU trained VAs as my needs have grown. I have never had a moment's concern about their ethics or business practices. They are smart, savvy, quick, and have made themselves invaluable to me. I truly believe that they are the best VAs in the world!

— David Goldsmith, COO,
The Goldsmith Group

Deciding to work with a virtual assistant was one of the best things I've done for myself and my business. My VA is efficient, smart, funny and has a great deal of marketing savvy. She has suggested ways to grow my business that I had never thought of. She's assisted me in handling order processing, database management, sales and internet marketing as well as many other details that make up my business. She's been a great partner for my one-person operation. I wish I had known about AssistU trained virtual assistants years ago!

Lynn Robinson,
intuitive coach, seminar leader, author of
Real Prosperity
and Compass of the Soul

I used to have an assistant in my home office. Literally, in my den. And I needed an assistant so much, I had to live daily with the challenge of feeling as though my personal space and privacy were being invaded. It was hard. I didn't like it. When I found out about AssistU trained virtual assistants and what they do, I was incredibly skeptical. How could someone, at a distance, really help me manage my whirlwind schedule and life? But they do, and I'm thrilled. One of them manages my life. The other handles arranging and managing my speaking and teaching schedule. They work together to make sure I'm very well taken care of. Most of all, they protect my privacy and have helped me reclaim my home, peace and quiet—things more precious to me than gold!

Lama Surya Das, author of
Awakening The Buddha Within
and Awakening to the Sacred

As someone who has had a personal assistant for much of my working life, I felt the huge weight of acting solo for the past couple of years. When I took on the responsibility of Chairing the Board of a large Public University, I cried out for help and you guided me to Marie. Marie has been so ready to step in and help with any and every task... and it is all done on the computer (except for an occasional phone call!) She does it all, and does it well, and does it quickly. Thank you, thank you , thank you!

— Ted Celeste

I've been working with Myra for quite some time now and I cannot begin to describe the benefits of this unique relationship. When Myra and I started to work together I desperately wanted to free myself of some of the administrative work that was overwhelming me but, at the same time, I found it very difficult to delegate tasks. (It just seemed to be so much effort to explain to someone else exactly how I wanted something to be done.) So I handed off some stuff—and I had more time—but I still felt burdened. Yet Myra knew just what to do.

Gradually, almost imperceptibly, she became more and more involved in my business to the point that she is now absolutely invaluable to me. She followed the tasks that I was working on and offered suggestions for ways that they might be accomplished more efficiently. She connected me to people and organizations and took over communications with people on the periphery. Not only did she maintain my records, she took it upon herself to update things that I had let lapse. Myra is always a couple of steps ahead.

She has a way of looking at both the big picture and the details simultaneously. Needless to say, at this point I have handed every administrative job over to her and I can really concentrate on doing what I do best. Whenever something comes my way that gives me the slightest feeling of "Oh gee, I'd rather not," I immediately forward it to Myra and experience a deep sense of relief because I know that she knows exactly how I would have handled whatever it is—and that she'll take care of it immediately and send me updates on her progress. I no longer procrastinate around things that I find unappealing and I don't have a "to do" list. I feel lighter and I know that I am accomplishing so much more every month in much less time. In short, working with Myra has spoiled me—I'll never be able to be VA-less again.

In gratitude for your wonderful program,

— Elyse Killoran, Founder
Women's U

Anne M. Ferguson represents the very best of what your graduates can aspire to be. She is a testament to the powerful concept developed by AssistU.

Her job goes way beyond making appointments and more clerical activities. She has been known to run interference on delicate political situations, negotiate deals, work on public relations and outreach materials, organize events, figure out the deeper meaning of emails and a myriad of other things. My work involves people and companies from all over the world, and having Anne working with me has been a Godsend. I regularly receive compliments on how professional and thorough she is from colleagues, with some expressing a wish that all their work associates had such talented, tactful and reliable backup. To give you an idea of the level of interaction Anne facilitates, she has been responsible for significant contract and other tasks for the Bill Gates' Microsoft CEO Summit, Senior Management meetings at companies such as Swiss Re, Nokia and Sungard Higher Education and for ensuring that events involving global players - such as Siam Cement, the Irish Management Institute and the Microsoft Greater China sales organization - run smoothly.

I would say that I have probably referred AssistU to at least five people on the basis of the excellent experience I have had working with Anne. I feel that our relationship is a true partnership. With her help, I have significantly decreased client complaints about lack of follow-through and responsiveness and increased the time that I can either bill out or spend doing the higher-value added research and writing on which my career depends.

— Rita Gunther McGrath
Associate Professor, Columbia Business School

The truth is that when Shane asked me to write a testimonial for this site, I didn't want to because I was afraid that too many other people would discover my VA and I would eventually lose her! I think that speaks loudest of how beyond satisfied I am with her work. In the end, two of Shane's top assets put me at ease—her loyalty and her integrity.

Here's why I will work with Shane for as long as she'll have me as a client! She's thorough and possesses an old-fashioned work ethic; everything I've ever asked for has been done on time, if not before. She's very knowledgeable; I can't think of a single computer-related question in more than a year that I've asked her that she hasn't known the answer to immediately or gotten one to me within 24 hours. She's extremely self-motivated; if I ask her for A, B, and C, she not only supplies that, but throws in a little of D (which, as it turns out, I always need) and an insight on E (which generally comes in handy).

Shane has exemplary skills in marketing and promotion, bookkeeping and invoicing, computers, Internet research, customer service and interaction, and book publishing and promotion. I trust her to represent me and my business on phone calls and in letters. She's reliable, discreet, thorough, easy to work with, and trustworthy.

Debra Koontz Traverso
Author of Outsmarting Goliath
Adjunct faculty, Harvard University

When I was expanding my business and needed help I turned to AssistU to find a VA to support me. I found the perfect "fit" and know that I could not have developed my business so quickly and efficiently if I had not had an assistant readily available to help me. Having a VA is better than hiring someone locally unless you need them in your office for specific structured tasks. A VA is available to you in "real time" or you can email requests and tasks to be handled the next business day. A truly invaluable service for busy professionals!

— Patrick Williams, Ed. D,
Founder and CEO, The Institute for Life Coach Training

My VA has been an absolute godsend. She has taken a variety of tasks off my hands and freed me to focus on the important work in my business. I'm amazed at her skills, speed and the way she can take assignments and run with them. My only regret is that I waited so long to start working with her!

Gerri Detweiler,
speaker, author, and consultant

Thanks for helping to train Linda to become a virtual assistant. Linda contacted me when she heard I was retiring from my job as V P, Human Resources at Hillenbrand Industries to start a business coaching executives. I was very impressed with her sales approach and professionalism and we agreed to work together. For the past two months we have worked via phone, fax and e-mail (mostly e-mail with attachments) in successfully preparing for and leading a three and one-half day custom designed workshop for my first customer! Linda is wonderful to work with and does excellent work. The virtual assistant concept scared me a bit before we started but now I have experienced how well it can work. So, if either Linda or you need a reference, count me in.

— Jim Thorne
The Thorne Group

Shane has been the VA for my companies for more than a year now and I cannot say enough good things about the level of service. Shane has been an absolute god-send — almost like a clone of myself, but with expertise in areas where I'm lacking. The place where her service really shines is in the area of creating a presence in the virtual community. A VA can really open the doors in areas I had never even considered.

— Bernice Ross, Co-owner of and


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