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  • AssistU rocks your world. They introduce you to a new way of learning, a new way of looking at the world, a new way of working, and a new way of being. They introduce you to experts and provide access to people and tools it would take years to connect with (if you could even do it on your own!). AssistU gives you the information and helps you get the knowledge and experience you need to start *and* sustain your business. Your trainer, classmates and the community act as your anchor while you learn and grow. The Virtual Training Program is invaluable.

— Amy Catherine McEwan
AssistU Graduate

How do I become a Virtual Assistant?

You have great administrative skills. You're sure of it. You've worked in a support role for years and the idea of having your own business, using your talents and doing work you love is infinitely appealing. You've heard about Virtual Assistance, and believe it's right up your alley. How do you find out, for sure, and where will you learn whatever else you need to know to be successful as a Virtual Assistant?

Those who are serious about mastering the additional skills necessary to work at a distance from others, in fact, those who are very serious about forming a successful practice will enter the Virtual Mentoring Program (VMP) offered by AssistU.

We offer the only proven and comprehensive program for Virtual Assistants. Our complete and intensive 11 week program is designed to add to your already existing skills, preparing you to work virtually. Through your study, plus our 1:1 mentoring, we guide you through the creation of your virtual assistance practice and moving forward into working with clients. We like to think of ourselves as a virtual finishing school for already masterfully skilled assistants. When you complete the VMP, you'll be well prepared to move forward into a new career doing work you love.

And part of the beauty of acquiring the skills needed to work virtually is that you can now learn from home. All you need is a basic office set up, basic administrative skills, and the sincere desire to become the best VA you can be.

We help with the rest, by providing the program, group coaching sessions, and mentoring that's second to none. We are leaders in this field, know what works better than anyone else, and are happy to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to move through the program and get started in your own VA practice. Don't you think your new business deserves the advantage that the VMP can give it? And don't you deserve to be involved with the best? It's all here, waiting for you at AssistU.

Won't you take a look around our virtual campus? This part was designed for you to answer all your questions about this awesome profession and about the VMP. This is only half of the site, though. Be sure to visit the part we've designed for the people who will become your clients!

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